M/S Malmö in drift ice

M/S Malmö in the pack ice at 80 degrees north. A fantastic week with WildPhoto Travel and many new friends.

New photos coming soon on www.svalbardpictures.com.


Pastel tones

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Lovely pastel tones on the sky over Longyearbyen and the Advenfjord today. We’ve had our last sunset of this year, the sun are below the horizon all day. This picture was taken at noon on October 28 2012.


Tourists on ice floe

Tourists on an ice floe in Vibebukta at Nordaustlandet. The glacier in the background is Bråsvellbreen which is part of Nordaustfonna. Nordaustfonna is Svalbard’s largest glacier and has a glacier front that is nearly 250 km long.

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