Longyearbyen Gigapan

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This Gigapan is made out of 84 images with a 300 mm lens.

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Longyeardalen (Longyear Valley)

Longyeardalen is located between the mountains of Platåberget and Gruvefjellet. The town of Longyearbyen is located in the lower portions of the valley, which is named after the American industrialist John Munroe Longyear. The river of Longyearelva runs through the valley. At the top of the valley you will find the Longyear glacier which is about 4.5 km long.

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Ropeway in Endalen

In Endalen outside Longyearbyen there are several support pillars after the cable car ropeway that went from Mine 5, via Longyearbyen, to Hotellneset where coal was stored in anticipation of the shipping season.

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