Northern light over Longyearbyen

Northern light over Longyearbyen and the Titan crane on Hotellneset. The crane was built in 1953 and was taken out of duty in 1979. It served the coal harbour.

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Tourists on ice floe

Tourists on an ice floe in Vibebukta at Nordaustlandet. The glacier in the background is Bråsvellbreen which is part of Nordaustfonna. Nordaustfonna is Svalbard’s largest glacier and has a glacier front that is nearly 250 km long.

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Longyearbyen seen from the underside of the Taubanesentral

Ropeways from three different mines were gathered in Taubenesentralen (the ropeway center). From here the coal was passed on via another ropeway to the coal harbour on Hotellneset where it was stored until shipping season started. The central was finished in 1957 and in 1987 trucks took over the transport.

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Ropeway angle station in Longyearbyen

In the old days, the local coal company, Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani, used ropeway to transport coal from the mine to the storage area on Hotellneset. Some places it was necessary to change the angle of the ropeway. A so called angle station can be seen in the picture. Continue reading


Longyearbyen twilight

Late in October the daylight disappear from the archipelago. The sun is below the horizon all day – and we enter the twilight and polar night period. The blue light at midday color the landscape in stunning shades of blue.

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Pack ice

In the winter of 2011 there was pack ice outside off Revneset. The kids seemed to enjoy climbing the ice and where happy to pose for the photographer!

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Ropeway in Endalen

In Endalen outside Longyearbyen there are several support pillars after the cable car ropeway that went from Mine 5, via Longyearbyen, to Hotellneset where coal was stored in anticipation of the shipping season.

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Coal loading

Coal from Longyearbyen’s only mine, Mine 7, loaded aboard the M/V Tasman ID. 20,000 tons to be shipped to a customer via Rotterdam. Continue reading